Lifestyle estate

The development is a lifestyle estate that caters for a diverse group of people, from adventure seekers to our leisure seekers.

Signature golf course

The estate features a breathtaking 18-hole Ernie Els signature golf course, complete with a valley and a natural waterfall.


Nondela is not only eco-friendly, but also self-sufficient. Nondela will offer a farmers’ market offering produce farmed in Nondela.


The Estate

NONDELA was conceptualised with a strong focus on preserving the indigenous habitat, whilst replicating the natural ambience of the spaciousness and serenity of the mountain environment in the design of the development.

The development is a prestigious estate. An abundance of water both on and near the estate provides the basis for activities such as fly-fishing. Interesting rock formations sculpted by the elements over time, deep gorges, waterfalls and indigenous paper bark trees form part of a rich ecology to delight birders, mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians. Activities along the line of paragliding and abseiling ensure that the needs of the more adventurous members of the family are not ignored, while heritage sites on the estate along with the nearby world heritage site uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park provide interesting perspectives of the past.

Key Features

  • Road infrastructure from the provincial road to the gatehouse, and internal roads of 21.7km (13.5 miles) to the various sections of the development.
  • An electrical supply of 3MVA and a sufficient number of mini substations to supply power to the entire estate.
  • A comprehensive sewage system to treat up to 15000 litres (3900 gallons) of sewage per hour. The storm water run-off is collected then treated to provide irrigation to the golf course and gardens.
  • A portable water storage tank with a capacity of 2.8 million litres (740 000 gallons) which can pump up to 40 000 litres (10 500 Gallons) of water per hour. Backup borehole water is also available.
  • A dam with a capacity of 530 000m3 (18700 cubic feet) to store water is used for the irrigation of the golf course as well as pumps and piping to pump the water to the golf course.
  • 12 built units of which 4 are complete and furnished comprising of 3- and 4-bedroom units constructed by WBHO.